Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics: Lip Tar in Anime

lip tar anime 1

Ah, the everlasting quest for the perfect long-wearing lipstick…..

I thought it would never end. I thought that I was going to be living my life running to a mirror every 6 hours to touch up my lipstick and stress about how there are no matte colors that leave my lips hydrated, not begging for Fresh Advanced Lip Therapy and a flaky, ugly mess.

That was…until I found out about my new hero, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.

lip tar anime 2

lip tar anime 3

Lip Tar. Weird name, right? But let’s be honest, they couldn’t just call this “liquid lipstick” or “long-wearing lip color.” Nope, this product could never be in the same category as all the other lipsticks out there. Why? Well, this one actually sticks and stays forever and ever on lips no matter what no questions asked! Seriously.

I picked this up in Anime because I love hot pink lips and also because I was in a rush and this color was on the top of the pile at the checkout line in Sephora. It’s not super expensive at $16.00 and it even comes with a little lip brush (which is actually REALLY nice. Super precise and easy to control.)

lip tar anime 4

On my lips, it feels like I have absolutely nothing on, and like I said before, it STAYS! Currently I’m drinking some Starbucks, and though I have a pretty good lip stick stain going on the lid, it doesn’t look like it’s come off from my lips themselves at all. Score!

lip tar anime 5

lip tar anime 6

Honestly, these things are like candy. I dare you to stop at one, those colors are just too hard to resist. I’m already planning which one I’ll get next…(it’s between Ophelia and Stalker…what do you think?)

lip tar anime 7

Do you ever get a sudden urge to strike a (GASP) duck face pose when wearing neon lipstick??? I don’t know why, but sometimes I do…so I might as well embrace it!



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