Chanel: Vertigo Nail Polish

Ahem, excuse me, not nail polish…I mean, Chanel Le Vernis in Vertigo.

There, that sounds much prettier, doesn’t it? When using Chanel, one must speak like a Parisian princess. 😉

I had an awful week and to top it all off, I have hours upon hours of work to do for Monday! Any normal person would wake up at the crack of dawn and get started on their studying, but of course, I am not a normal person. I woke up at the crack of dawn (well, okay, 8:30…)  and went SHOPPING! Much more fun, no?

First I went over to the new Sephora that just opened and used my VIB 20% off holiday coupon on a few things I’ve been wanting. Then, I skedaddled on over to Macy’s to get some new Chanel polish.

So many options, but I have a major thing for dark colors and Vertigo, from the Fall 2012 collection, was calling my name.

Why was it whispering, “Liliane, buy me! Buy me!”? Well, it probably had something to do with the subtle purple shimmer that was sparkling in that beautiful, deep cocoa brown color when I picked it up under the harsh mall lights.

That’s the great thing about Chanel’s it-polishes of each season: they always have a little something special that you can’t find anywhere else (I guess they’d better, since they are charging $26.00 for it.)

Previously, I had bought Chanel’s Riva about a year ago. It too had a little subtle shimmer of a different color in it, which was what caught my eye. However, Riva was disappointing because once you put it on your nails, that pretty shimmer from the bottle seems to become nonexistent.

Sadly, Vertigo has this problem too. Those unexpected little purple flecks just disappear the second it comes out of its bottle.

The color is still beautiful (I don’t have a great selection of browns) and I’ll definitely wear it, but I am pretty sad that the very aspect that caught my eye turned out to be nothing.

In these pictures, I’m wearing two coats. Application was very nice though, and you could get away with one. No top coat on these, either.

I’ll keep trying to catch the right bit of light while I wear it, just as I tried to do in the pictures, but Vertigo is going to have a hard time redeeming itself.

Ah well, to the cats with Riva you go, Vertigo! (Just kidding!)


  • $26.00 at Chanel counters
  • .4 fl oz

Overall, I give this polish a B+.

Have you tried this polish and had different or similar results? Do you have a favorite color from Chanel, or any other brand? Post a comment below, email me at, or tweet me @lilianebeauty!


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